Researchers Link Same Group To Yahoo, Dropbox, LinkedIn Hacks

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Five hackers are behind the most recent tech company hacks, according to a report from a cybersecurity research firm. This finding was announced after the recent Yahoo breach where a link was discovered, connecting the breach to previous exploitations.

Andrew Komarov, Chief Intelligence Officer of InfoArmor claims many of the reports on recent database breaches are considerably inaccurate. The hacks executed against Yahoo, Dropbox, LinkedIn, and Tumblr are all attributed to “Group E,” a small European hacking group. The Group E hackers perform large-scale database breaches and profit from selling the information to the highest bidder.

In an interview with the The Register, Komarov says that Group E deals with brokers to sell the massive data hauls. One such broker is registered on several underground communities as “tessa88.” Tessa88 was the first recorded individual to mention Yahoo had been hacked and that accounts were for sale. The broker then acted as a proxy between Group E and potential buyers on the deepweb.



Shortly after the LinkedIn breach was publicized, tessa88 posted on an underground forum that Yahoo credentials were available. By following conversations on these hidden forums,

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