Researchers Reveal DDoS Attacks Rewards

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A Cryptocurrency known as a DDoSCoin has been developed by two researchers. Report by  Cryptocoins News, indicate that the DDoSCoin will be rewarding users that participate in a DDoS attack (distributed denial of service). Which only function when a website that is TLS-enabled (Transport Layer Security) is targeted by a user’s computer. TLS is a Cryptologic protocol in-charge of secure Internet communicating.

The two researchers Benjamin VanderSloot and Eric Wustrow, a University of Michigan, Ph.D. student and the University of Colorado, Boulder Assistant Professor, respectively, have published a paper named “DDoSCoin: Cryptocurrency with a Malicious Proof-of-Work”.  That shows with proof how DDoS currency grants miners access to participation through sending out requests to a web server on interest.

They, however, made it clear that they were not publishing a working altcoin using proof-of-DDoS in their work, but just a concept of one., as we found out from EcoTimes.

Even if Cryptocurrency endlessly allows for proof-of-work substituting, it’s worth noting that giving access to some of the resources remains an uphill task. However, the paper proves how DDoSCoin helps minimize this through providing bandwidth to the target domain. With this, the authors hope will help others develop the proof-of-resource problem.


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