Review: Reveal App Channels SnapChat with a Crypto Edge

Name: Reveal

What it is: A social networking question-and-answer app for mobile.

Who’s behind it: Led by the former founders of Kindr and gossip website JuicyCampus, Reveal has raised $1.5m from Boost VC and Digital Currency Group, among other investors.

Cost: Free

Date launched: 16th June, 2015.

Basic summary: Reveal is a SnapChat-like social network that allows users to ask questions and answer via photo or video. The social network uses reveal coin, an asset on the Stellar network, as its “currency of attention”, allowing users a means to incentivize interaction.

CoinDesk rating: 4.5/5


The basics

Like most social networks, Reveal is a somewhat bizarre and often entertaining journey into mundane life, with users dedicating posts to everything from evidence of their omelette-flipping abilities to their thoughts on age-old questions about wealth and fame.

Perhaps most interestingly, the app happens to include a built-in cryptocurrency (reveal coin) that users currently earn based on the number of others they invite to the network (tracked through referrals) and how many likes their content receives. Reveal currently offers 100 RVL for every ‘like’, 1,000 RVL upon enrolment and 10,000 RVL for every new member a user invites, though these figures will change over time, the

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