Revolt of the Drones: From Radio Control to Ethereum Smart Contracts

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Back In the 1980’s, Oscar-winning film director James Cameron predicted that by the year 2017 the Earth will be in ruins swarming with homicidal robots. Fortunately, this didn’t turn out to be true, at least for now. But what is actually going on with the robots today?

The fact is that robotization is gaining momentum fast. According to Roboforum, North American production sector has seen a record amount of robot workers this year. Only in the first six months of 2016 companies have purchased 14 500 new industry robots with the estimated total cost standing at $817m.

Notably, a sharp rise in use of robots is observed in food manufacturing and retail industry with number of the purchased machines going up 41% compared with last year.

One of the reasons for such a dramatic growth is the technological breakthrough in use of drones. A plethora of new projects and ideas is born each day with researchers predicting that in the near future the UAV’s would be doing a wide variety of tasks, ranging from pizza delivery to first-aid treatment in case of road-traffic accidents.

Actually, there are plenty examples

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