Rex Linux Trojan Turns Infected Machines to Bitcoin Miners, Unleashes DDoS Attacks

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The series of attacks on computers is augmenting roughly exponentially these days. The latest one to make news is a Rex Linux Trojan. This “Swiss knife” of a antagonistic module is a square of work means of using DDoS attacks, reason a putrescent mechanism for release (ransomware) and even cave Bitcoin but a user’s knowledge.

Built on Google’s Go platform, a Trojan was initial identified by cyber confidence firms 3 months ago. The progressing chronicle of Rex Linux Trojan was most weaker and it was found targeting Drupal websites. Security experts were means to better a ransomware easily. However, Rex Linux Trojan as developed given afterwards to turn a substantial threat.

According to reports, a malware uses counterpart to counterpart communication network and has 5 vital tools and it is means of aggressive some-more than only CMS platforms like Drupal. The opposite tools of Rex Linux Trojan embody an conflict vector, Bitcoin mining capability, Command and Control Communication, ransomware and DDoS attack.

The malware is delivered by bots scanning a internet for exposed websites. It is found to take advantage of mixed obvious confidence vulnerabilities of a platforms. Rex Linux Trojan creates use of CVE-2014-3704 Drupalgeddon disadvantage for infecting Drupal

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