Ripple Discontinues Smart Contract Platform Codius, Citing Small Market


Ripple Labs, maintainer of the digital currency Ripple, has announced it will not continue the development of its smart contract project nearly a year after it was announced, saying the “small and nascent decentralization market” is too immature.

In a blog post, Ripple Labs CTO Stefan Thomas wrote that the company, which recently raised a $28 million funding round, has no plans to work on Codius, a platform that allows people to build distributed applications, and will instead build its own decentralized apps “manually.” He cited a lack of demand as the biggest reason why the project was closed.

“Codius is just a way to make decentralization easier,” Thomas wrote, “it’s an optimization, you don’t need it,” but “If there is demand and corresponding supply there is an obvious incentive for somebody to capitalize on this opportunity.”

Codius’ source code can be found on its Github and is free for anyone to tinker or build with.

Not as decentralized, not as costly

Announced in July, 2014, Codius set out to build a platform that smart contract-distributed apps could be built on top of. Unlike decentralized Bitcoin apps, this platform would use hosting providers,

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