Ripple’s CEO Makes Peace with Bitcoin

Chris Larsen, the CEO and Founder of Ripple Labs was successful in enraging the Bitcoin community earlier this year by saying that the world doesn’t need another currency as we already have plenty of those. The statement made during one of his presentationss to the California General Assembly obviously referred to Bitcoin as a currency. It looks like he has changed since then, as in a recent interview with Brett King’s on the radio show Breaking Banks he seemed to be talking in favour of Bitcoin over fiat currency.

In the previous instance, it appeared that Chris was more interested in the technology behind Bitcoin than Bitcoin itself. But his comment sounded more like him taking a dig at Bitcoin than being more concerned about Blockchain and distributed ledgers. It is a well-known fact that Blockchain can’t exist without Bitcoin or a similar currency and in order to sustain the growing Blockchain it is necessary to incentivise the miners, which seemed to have escaped his mind at that time.

However, that was a thing of the past, for Chris seemed to have a more positive outlook about Bitcoin during the

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