Rise and Fall of my Counterfeiting Experience

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Names and details have been slightly altered to conceal my true identity from anyone who could recognize it, but this is the time of when I got involved with counterfeit bills and escaped with barely my freedom.

I’ve been browsing the deep web since the days of the original Silk Road. Back then, that’s all I did. I was just a spectator walking amongst the players of the biggest game in the world. I watched because I was intrigued. I had so many questions. Can you really buy drugs online? Is it really safe? Is the quality and price really that good? As my knowledge grew, one by one these questions were answered and invariably replaced with other, more questions. I realized that drugs were not the only things to buy and sell on these markets of freedom.


By the time the second Silk Road had failed, the lure of this world got the best of me. I had been eying a few vendors selling the same product. Counterfeit bills. I had only heard of them before. No way, I thought,

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