Roger Ver Is Still Determined to Increase a Bitcoin Block Size Limit around a Hard Fork

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Two attempts to boost Bitcoin’s block distance extent around hard forksBitcoin XT and Bitcoin Classic — have unsuccessful to benefit most support in terms of network hashrate, though early bitcoin disciple and angel financier Roger Ver is not giving adult on a cause. Ver is now contrast a new mining pool during, and he’s put together a new growth group to work on an choice to Bitcoin Core, a anxiety doing of a Bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin Magazine recently reached out to Ver to get some-more sum on his devise to boost a retard distance extent by approach of a tough fork.

A Work-in-Progress

According to Ver, his devise for tough forking Bitcoin is still a work-in-progress. “I still have lots some-more investigate and meditative to do,” he told Bitcoin Magazine. “The initial step is to indeed have a pool adult and running. we consider we will see a initial retard mined on a network this entrance week.”

The mining pool mined the initial block a few days after Bitcoin Magazine reached out to Ver.

The stream mining pool program is using
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