Roger Ver Launches Collaborative Platform

As the bitcoin industry grows in size and scale, more and more members of the community are realizing the downsides of its decentralized nature. After all, there is no single authority overseeing the developments in the industry and making decisions, leaving certain issues such as the block size debate unresolved for long periods of time.

Despite this, majority of bitcoin enthusiasts seem to favor the status quo in that the network should stay consensus-based. With that, many are pushing for more collaborative efforts in order to tackle industry challenges as they come along.


Roger Ver, who is known as bitcoin’s first angel investor, recently announced the launch of, which is a collaborative platform for both new and old members of the community. Apart from increasing digital currency awareness, also aims to steer the industry in a clear direction while maintaining strong focus on community involvement.

The website also features a unique advertising system, where companies can bid to have their ads displayed on the website. These bids will be up for everyone to see, contributing to transparency in

According to the press release, the site is also accepting contributions from the community, along with forum posts. A prize of $1,000 in bitcoin will be awarded to the post that is most appreciated by the community.

The goal of is to establish itself as the best bitcoin portal in the world, as it is also leasing subdomains to trustworthy industry partners. Some examples of these are,,, and The homepage currently shows options for opening a bitcoin wallet, reading bitcoin news, buying bitcoin in local currency, and learning more about bitcoin.

The site also has a newsletter signup, along with social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. For more info, visit – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012