Romania’s BTCXChange Discontinues Bitcoin Exchange Service

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Running Bitcoin exchanges requires a lot of time, effort, and money. But notwithstanding a lot of tough work, regulatory issues can always force a shutdown. Romania’s BTCXChange has close down a services for good. Users had until yesterday to repel all of their funds. It is a second time BTCXChange is close down, despite it stays to be seen if they will return.

The proclamation about BTCXchange shutting down was posted on a website in Aug of 2016. Users were suggested to pierce all of their supports off a height by Sep 12. Horeo Oradea Vuşcan, a owners of BTCXchange, has taken a preference to close down a height a second time.

Game Over for BTCXchange

To be some-more precise, he is looking for a new customer to take over a domain and sell platform. For now, it stays misleading as to because this preference was taken. We do know Vuşcan had skeleton to sell a association utterly some time ago. Until a  buyer was found, he kept a height adult and running, until really recently.

The height was primarily launched in Dec of 2014 and close down for a time one year later. The reason for that decision

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