Rootstock Merges Bitcoin and Ethereum to Help World Bank with Micro-Lending

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Rootstock, a P2P height formed on a block chain that implements intelligent contracts regulating a capabilities of Ethereum with a clarity and confidence of a bitcoin network, is negotiating with a World Bank and some Latin American banks to yield microlending for a unbanked, according to the International Business Times. Rootstock hopes to give banks a means to emanate loans from intelligent contracts.

Rootstock combines a capabilities of Ethereum with a bitcoin network’s clarity and confidence by regulating sidechain technology. Bitcoin serves as a fuel that runs a intelligent contract. Nick Szabo, an consultant on intelligent contracts, has pronounced Rootstock joins a best of bitcoin and Ethereum.

Rootstock’s central launch is scheduled for Dec. 4 and 5, 2015 during LaBitconf in Mexico City .

Rootstock Focus: Microlending

Because bitcoin has grown as a technology, it has authorised Rootstock to concentration on use cases like microlending, according to Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, Rootstock co-founder. Diego_biqxgjHe pronounced Rootstock wants to target

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