Ross Ulbricht’s Defense Focuses On Corrupt Federal Agents In Appeal

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Almost a year passed since the jury determined Ross Ulbricht (aka. Dread Pirate Roberts) as the sole administrator of the infamous Silk Road marketplace. The man was given a life sentence without parole for his crimes. However, Ulbricht’s defense, as the most important part of the Silk Road admin’s appeal, had submitted a 145 page argument asking for a new trial and calling for a higher court to remove the man’s conviction on seven charges, including conspiracies to traffic in narcotics, money laundering, computer hacking and the “kingpin charge” that is usually reserved for mafia bosses and drug cartel lords. The Silk Road admin’s appeal includes a long list of improprieties and abuses that were made during Ross Ulbricht’s trial. The defense’s most powerful argument is the deed of the court; they allegedly suppressed information about the federal agents investigating Silk Road who used their positions to steal bitcoins from the website and even attempted to extort money from Ulbricht.

The corrupt federal agents, who the defense is referring to, are Carl Mark Force IV from the DEA and Shaun Bridges from the Secret Service. The crimes the two agents have committed haven’t been revealed to Ulbricht’s defense until

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