Ross Ulbricht’s Lawyers Hint At Third Corrupt Official During Silk Road Investigation

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The Ross Ulbricht trial has caused a lot of controversy in recent years already. With two corrupt investigators on the case before a sentence was even handed down, many feel a lot of skeletons have yet to come out of the closet. According to Ulbricht’s lawyers, there may be another corrupt agent tied to the Silk Road investigation.

Corrupt Agents Put Ross Ulbricht Behind Bars

It is apparent the US justice system does not work as it should, otherwise events like these would never transpire, to begin with. Granted, human beings are susceptible to corruption and bribery, with greed bringing out the worst in people. But when law enforcement agents go rogue during an ongoing criminal investigation, the finger of blame should be pointed at the US justice system.

To be more precise, Ross Ulbricht’s lawyers accuse a third rogue agent of being involved in the Silk Road investigation. Private chat logs between Ulbricht and a Silk Road member have been uncovered. Albertpacino, as this person is known as, is responsible for offering information about the Silk Road investigation straight from the law enforcement offices in exchange for weekly payments. Interestingly

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