Ruja Ignatova: OneCoin to Reach EUR 25 and Have 1 Mil Merchants!

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OneCoin proclaims itself to be the Bitcoin killer. The centralized digital currency platform has announced that it has doubled the total number of OneCoins currently in circulation. The announcements are making rounds on the internet as a YouTube video from one of the OneCoin events presumably held in Bangkok, Thailand and on other social media outlets.

OneCoin Limited (in a press release available on its website) states that the newly launched blockchain will  to be faster, more secure and supports mass transactions. The new blockchain was unveiled in the OneLife Mastermind event where they apparently mined the genesis block as well.

According to the founder of OneCoin Ruja Ignatova, the introduction of new blockchain has also resulted in doubling of all the OneCoins held by the community. The press release also claims that the new blockchain will be capable of mining 50,000 coins per block which will help the digital currency create a strong global merchant network.  It further claims that the new blockchain will “run every single minute” (read block discovery) compared to the older version that yielded blocks every 10 minutes.

“We do not expect a steep price movement after October 1st. Cryptocurrency value is driven by supply and

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