Russia is deliberation legislation that would send bitcoin users to jail for adult to 7 years

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Are we an zealous bitcoin user in Russia? If so, we could finish adult in jail.

The Russian Finance Ministry is scheming to deliver legislation subsequent month that would excellent and jail digital banking users, according to Bloomberg. The legislation, that was nice final month, has mixed tiers of penalties depending on a person’s usage, according to Interfax, a Russian news agency. For unchanging adults who accidentally use bitcoin, a chastisement is 500,000 rubles ($7,800 USD) or 4 years in jail; for orderly groups, like bitcoin miners who endorse exchange on a network, it’s 1 million rubles ($15,500 USD) or 6 years in prison; executives or managers of financial institutions would face a excellent of adult to 2.5 million ruble ($38,000 USD) or adult to 7 years in jail.

Russia wouldn’t be a initial nation to go after bitcoin users—Iceland, Ecuador, and Vietnam have any banned a currency in some way.

Digital currencies like bitcoin exaggerate properties that spirit executive banks and regulators. Cryptocurrencies concede for unknown transactions, that could be used for a trade of unlawful products and services. “Bitcoin can be used to financial a shade economy and crimes, and this risk we can't concede in Russia’s financial

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