Russia To Hold Cryptocurrency Conference Regarding Bitcoin Challenges

The situation of Bitcoin in Russia will remain fickle for the time being as the local government appears to have trouble making up its mind regarding cryptocurrency in general. Despite trying to take strong legal action against Bitcoin usage, there are now Russian parliament members for holding a cryptocurrency conference.

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The Russian Cryptocurrency Conference of 2016

Although the event is called “Electronic Currency in Light of Contemporary legal and Economic Challenges”, it is clear this conference talks about cryptocurrency and not digital cash. Whether or not the organizers will focus on regulation of Bitcoin in the country as well, remains unknown for now.

This news is a rather surprising turn of events, given Russia’s stance on Bitcoin in recent months. Not only have they blocked various news sites related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but there is also a plan on the table to make cryptocurrency involvement punishable by law, for both citizens and enterprises alike.

However, the Russian government seems concerned about the risks Bitcoin poses, and assessing these risks might be more favorable than banning cryptocurrency altogether. Additionally, the country wants to focus

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