Russian Artist Makes Music Using Bitcoin Market Data


Is this the sound a bitcoin market makes?

Russian artist Dmitry Morozov, also known as ::vtol::, recently debuted a new art technology installation entitled silk that uses live data from bitcoin and litecoin markets across five different currencies to create music.

The work was shown this past weekend during Cosmoscow, a contemporary art festival held in Moscow. According to the artist’s website, silk is a kind of autonomous stringed instrument that responds to price changes denominated in rubles, yuan, euros, and US and Canadian dollars. The software draws bitcoin price data from

Here’s how Morozov describes the work on his official website:

“The installation is tracking the real time changes in the market activities related to [the] cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Litecoin – independent and uncontrolled by any state peer-to-peer payment systems. [The] constantly changing currency rate of Bitcoin against major world currencies is influencing the strain of strings in [the] installation and the way the picks are hitting them. The robotic system of the artwork is directed by a computer algorithm: influenced by dynamic changes of data, the installation sounds like a complex sound instrument.”

Morozov said that the work was

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