Russian Hackers Set Sights on U.S. Technology Giants

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A Dark Net researcher, Ed Alexander says that over 85 major technology companies like Amazon and Apple Pay have been hacked by a Russian based hacking group.

The group is suspected of hacking major firms such as American Airlines, PayPal, Uber, Amazon, Apple Pay, ATT, DropBox, and others.

Alexander’s report stated that several Russian servers were used for the “large-scale” attack, as well as using the Russian language in communications. These two key factors are what leads him to believe the group is Russian based.

An earlier report by Alexander shared that during the Apple Pay hack, the attackers were able to obtain customers credit cards numbers as well as what he described as full identities.

He identified custom attack files that were designed to target each company specifically. Each contained its own configuration for Sentry MBA; which is a popular black market credential stuffing software.

Identities and links to any foreign governments have not been found yet. Motives for the attacks are still unknown as well. If the attacks were for monetary gain, the information should be available on DMNs pretty soon. If it’s not to score some cash

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