Russian Ministry of Finance Looks To Make Bitcoin Punishable By Law

Russia has never been keen on Bitcoin by any means, which has lead to a varied history of banning the digital currency and unbanning it with strict controls in place. Over the years, various Russian Bitcoin websites have been inaccessible, but it looks like the Russian Ministry of Finance is looking to take things one step further. By saying how Bitcoin could be a threat to Russian national economy, corrective labor for participating in the digital currency ecosystem is not unthinkable in the future.

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Russian Ministry of Finance Fears Bitcoin

The concept of Bitcoin itself can cause a significant revolution in the financial world as we know it. Needless to say, various countries around the world are looking for solutions to regulate the growth of Bitcoin, although they may stifle innovation along the way. Russia is taking a very aggressive stance towards the popular digital currency, which could lead to jail time if the proposal is approved.

Based on the statement by the Russian Ministry of Finance, Bitcoin is a major threat to the country’s national security and economy. This opinion is shared by various Russian

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