Russian MP’s son: Guilty of Stealing over 2 million US credit cards

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On August 26th, a federal jury in Seattle found Roman Seleznev guilty of stealing more than 2.9 million credit card numbers and selling them to fraudsters on the deepweb. Seleznev, 32, is the son of Russian Parliament member Valery Seleznev.

According to a 2014 indictment from the Department of Justice, Seleznev, as well as unknown accomplices, “developed and used automated techniques, such as port scanning, to identify computers and computer systems that were connected to the Internet [and] were dedicated to or involved with credit processing by retail businesses.”

Roman Seleznev operated under the names “TRACK2,”and “nCuX,” as well as several other pseudonyms listed in the indictment. While he almost exclusively operated on deepweb forums under the TRACK2 moniker, the prosecutors believe the other names were used for specific pieces of malware. When Seleznev’s servers were examined, nearly a dozen names were discovered, all leading back to Seleznev.

The 32-year-old hacker identified PoS (Point of Sale) systems throughout the United States and downloaded malware that fed customer and credit card information back to his servers.

According to the indictment:

The malware that Roman Seleznev and others unknown to the Grand Jury caused to

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