Russian Narcotics Claim Bitcoin has Doubled-Up Drug Trades

Bitcoin has often been referred to as a favorite tool for internet and offline criminals, particularly when drug dealing and trafficking is concerned. There are a lot of people under the illusion of how Bitcoin will protect them from being caught while it is only a matter of time until the digital money trail on the blockchain leads to their arrest. That being said, the Russian Federal Drug Control service feels Bitcoin poses a real threat to the country as it becomes an even more preferred method of payment.

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Bitcoin Makes It Easy To Move Funds Quickly

What many people see as one of the major strengths for this popular digital currency can also be viewed as a potential weakness. Moving funds around the world in a matter of mere seconds – and at little cost – is a trait that could make Bitcoin a major contender as a new global currency in the coming years.

But at the same time, this also makes it easy to move funds around quickly in the underground circuit. While it is impossible to track cash payments, it is rather

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