Russian Official Calls for Criminal Liability for Bitcoin

Russian Official Calls for Criminal Liability for Bitcoin

Russia’s Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin has, once again, opined that virtual and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are money substitutes or surrogates that need to be outlawed. He also claimed that virtual currencies are “often used” for the financing of terrorism.

In a sweeping, wide-ranging column on Russian publication Kommersant, Alexander Bastykin – chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia and General of Justice of the Russian Federation wrote about extremism in Russia and the ways to curb it.

He speaks of a “hybrid war”, one “unleashed” by the United States and its allies on Russia and “a number of other countries” over the past decade. This war, Bastykin adds, is being waged on multiple fronts including the political, economic, legal and informational spaces.

“And in recent years, it has moved into a qualitatively new phase of open confirmation,” he added.


Russian President Putin with Alexander Bastrykin

The write-up covers a variety of factors concerning extremism, including everything from migrants at an increased risk of being

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