Russian Political Party to Accept Bitcoin Donations


Reports from Russia indicate a minor political party is moving to accept bitcoin donations.

The Party of Growth, a center-right party formed in 2009 under the name Just Cause, is reportedly looking to begin accepting donations in the digital currency. The move is notable given the Russian government’s complicated and long-controversial stance on digital currencies like bitcoin.

News of the donation drive comes in light of reports from Interfax and TASS that cover remarks from Boris Titov, the head of the Party of Growth and an advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin on business and entrepreneurial issues.

According to Interfax, Titov cited the need to source funding for the party from new avenues, including crowdfunding, as a motivation for the decision. Further, he reportedly indicated that the party would only accept bitcoin donations from people with verified identities.

TASS offered additional details, reporting that the party is looking at the donation effort as a means to promote the acceptance of digital currencies in Russia. According to the state-owned news service, the party is promising legislation that would ease the technology’s path to further adoption and development in the country.

Titov reportedly said during a press conference

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