, a New Tech to Fight Crime on Blockchain

500 Startups’ demo day. Among the 42 companies that graduated from the acceleration program is, a blockchain based startup. The startup offers blockchain reconnaissance solutions that will help identify and locate any criminal activity on the blockchain.

The platform combines the blockchain data obtained from various different sources which includes public and proprietary sources to gather information on bitcoin and other digital currencies which will come in handy during investigations. The data collected by platform will be a valuable source of intel which can potentially speed up the investigation process by many times.

The functioning of is not known as the company has refused to disclose the underlying technology by stating the sensitive nature of the work it does for the law enforcement agencies. The company however insists that no matter how complicated the process of data collection and interpretation is, the reporting will be as simple as possible. Easy human readable reports makes it easier to take quick decisions based on the intel made available by

The services offered by will be welcomed by most of the law enforcement agencies across the world. Bitcoin is still considered as the most preferred currency among criminals due to

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