SaruTobi Changes In-Game Currency to TobiCoin, Integrates Breadwallet

Popular iOS Game SaruTobi has had a colored history ever since its inception a few years ago. By letting players earn “Bitcoin” while playing the game, there has been quite some controversy surrounding this mobile game. In fact, it had even been pulled from Apple’s App Store not that long ago. Once the game was restored, the SaruTobi developers have been working hard on making necessary changes to the game.

SaruTobi – Earning “Bitcoin” By Playing a Mobile GameSaruTobi Small

The launch of SaruTobi on iOS was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm from Bitcoin community members all around the world. Being able to earn small pieces of Bitcoin – called Satoshis – by playing a mobile game is a great way of having fun and making a little side money. However, those expectations were tempered quickly when people realized it would take ages to earn even a full US Dollar.

Not that it should surprise anything that the SaruTobi developers are not just handing out free money to anyone playing the game. What did catch most players off-guard was the fact that you can collect “Bitcoins” in the game. Needless to say, this

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