Sask. Bitcoin firm blames cyberspace breach – Regina Leader

REGINA — Drawing comparisons to an intruder sneaking into his home after he closed the door and locked it, the president of Dominion Bitcoin Mining Company Ltd. suggested someone tunnelled into the firm’s website before it was public.

“I always felt the site was secured,� Peter Voldeng testified Friday at the third day of a securities hearing.

“It was designed to share the information privately,� he added.

But securities investigator Harvey White has testified that what he found on the site was public ­— and sparked allegations Dominion and its founders violated the Securities Act.

Closing arguments are to be heard Tuesday by a three-member panel.

Dominion, Voldeng, Jason Dearborn — the firm’s chairman — and Jim Gibbon, a Edmonton resident who built the website, are accused of running afoul of securities laws by publicly advertising or soliciting sales of securities on its website without properly registering or filing a prospectus. It’s also alleged misleading statements — such as “ten provincially held entities� contracted to Dominion ­— were made on the site.

But Voldeng, the only witness called by any of the respondents, disagreed.

“We weren’t offering shares for anything,� he said. Voldeng said the website was being used by the trio for “brainstorming.� He didn’t believe

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