Satoshi Citadel Industries Acquires Bitcoin Based Investment App, Keza

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Satoshi Citadel Industries, a Philippines-based Bitcoin association has combined nonetheless another plume to a cap. The association has recently announced a merger of Keza, a Silicon Valley-based Bitcoin investment association that authorised Bitcoin users to deposit in a US and general markets.

The merger of Keza comes during a time when a association was going by hardships.  In a month of April, in annoy of carrying a singular business indication with lots of potential, Keza motionless to call it quits. The association had announced that it is shutting down a operations and thanked all a users contrast a beta application. The users had their Bitcoin deposits refunded but carrying to go by a extensive process.

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Satoshi Citadel Industries has been aggressively posterior new business models in a digital banking sector. With a merger of Keza, a association now has a product that allows anyone with Bitcoin to directly deposit in stocks. Satoshi Citadel is famous for products like – a bitcoin remittance service, Bitmarket – a bitcoin remuneration processor and Prepaid Bitcoin – a Bitcoin label provider in a Philippines.

Satoshi Citadel is approaching to revitalise Keza soon. However, it is not

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