Save 25% on Shell Oil Gas, via

Buying From Gamestop

Buying From Gamestop

One Reddit user has been keep to point out on how he’s saving 25% on the purchase of Gasoline via Shell Garages across the states, reddit user with the ID Logical007 has been using bitcoin supported platform to purchase Gamestop Giftcards and then changing those, for Shell Giftcards at stations.

Posting the steps he’s been following, the steps he posted via this reddit post it’s rather simple.

  1. Find Gamestop Gift Card on Amazon. Put it into Wishlist.
  2. Import Wishlist into, wait for order to fill and be delivered.
  3. Take Gamestop Gift Card and buy Shell Station gas card with it! has been promoting this they have saved over US$500,000 in 2015 alone for it’s users, an amazing feat for such a short timespan.


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