SAW Inspired Bitcoin Ransomware Deletes Files Every Hour

A group of online hackers is using their sense-of-humor – and an indisputable love for Saw movie series – to rob people off their Bitcoin.

The said group has launched a notorious ransomware attack on personal and private computer networks all across the world. Amusingly, the ransomware is named after the antagonist of the SAW series – the trike-riding menace known as Jigsaw.

According to the available reports, the said bitcoin ransomware is beating even its predecessors in terms of intimidation. The malware creates a sense of urgency among the victims by deleting files until the ransom demand is met. Therefore, from one’s point of view, victims could either submit to the blackmail, or lose their precious data to a digital villain.

It happens like this: Once a computer is infected by the Jigsaw Bitcoin ransomware, the victim gets 24 hours to think through various scenarios and make up his/her mind about paying the ransom ranging anywhere between $20-$200 in bitcoin. Once 24 hours are passed, the timer reportedly kicks in, and starts deleting files with each passing hour. To make matter further worse, the number of targeted files keep mounting with time. Once the 72-hour mark is passed, any remaining files on the affected computer gets wiped clean.

Got any ideas to circumvent the ransomware? Jigsaw discourages the user from

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