Scaling Bitcoin Workshop Looks Forward To Hong Kong in December

Marketed as a way to discuss in person major issues regarding the Bitcoin technology, the Scaling Bitcoin Workshop was attended by many of Bitcoin’s most prominent developers to discuss technical issues facing the digital currency earlier this month. Now, they look forward to a similar event, “Phase II,” in Hong Kong in December. 

The Montreal conference was held under Chatham House Rules, meaning, while the entire conference is transcribed, who said what will not be known. 

“Many [were] interested or at least willing to accept a ‘short term bump,’ a hard fork to modify block size limit regime to be cost-based via ‘net-utxo’ rather than a simple static hard limit.  2-4-8 and 17%/year were debated and seemed “in range” with what might work as a short term bump – net after applying the new cost metric,” Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik wrote in a personal summary of the conference.

In the coming months, developers and the Bitcoin community plan to evaluate the discussions at the conference with the hope

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