Scandinavian Countries Are Ready To Adopt Bitcoin And Blockchain Technologies

Scandinavian countries are looking forward to the development of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Jaakko Hynynen, CEO of the Sauna startup accelerator, told CoinTelegraph at the Slush conference that Nordic countries are ready to adopt Bitcoin and blockchain. However, there is a lack of market research which is causing the technology to develop slower. Nevertheless, Viking descendants realize the disruptive potential of Satoshi’s invention, which could change many aspects of life beyond currency.

Jaakko Hynynen expressed that Bitcoin and blockchain technologies have a great potential for integration into many spheres of business, beside cryptocurrency. And insurance is just one example.

“I believe the future of the blockchain lies not only in the sphere of digital currency. The system can be used in the field of insurance and other fields. The technology can be integrated by big Scandinavian banks and insurance companies. People who work in those establishments are really technically aware so they are ready to adopt this innovation,” said Hynynen.

Jaakko Hynynen, CEO of the Sauna startup accelerator

However, the path of cryptocurrency to Scandinavian markets wasn’t easy. Only recently was Bitcoin accepted as a currency with

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