Scholarships Offered in Consensus 2015 Digital Currency Summit

Consensus 2015 is a digital currency summit to be held on September 10 in New York City. This event was made possible by CoinDesk in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and is planning on providing 50 diversity and inclusion scholarships.

These scholarships are being offered to women and people of color between 18 to 25 years of age, as the group aims to increase the diversity in the digital currency community. Based on a recent study conducted by CoinDesk, fewer than one in 10 bitcoin owners (8.2%) are female, while over 72% describe their ethnicity as “white”.

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Digital Currency Summit

The MIT Media Lab’s DCI and CoinDesk will work with local groups to select Consensus Scholars, such as CODE2040, Girls Who Code, Microsoft-sponsored TEALS programme and National Center for Women Information Technology.

“Our hope is to expose more young people, from a diverse set of backgrounds to the powerful potential of digital currency. The Consensus Scholarships will allow young people to ask questions, gain unique insights and meet with leaders in the digital currency

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