Seafile accepts bitcoin after Paypal shenanigans

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The open source cloud storage firm, Seafile, has forsaken their primary remuneration processor, Paypal, and started using bitcoin as their elite remuneration option.

Seafile is a high-performance, fully-encrypted, open source record storage and syncing solution. The use competes directly with Dropbox and other vital cloud use providers.

Although a Germany-based cloud association charges for their storage space, all of their program is totally open source. This means that anyone can run a Seafile server, and contest directly with them.

The association claims that it is “Trusted by some-more than 300,000 users,” and “used by thousands of teams, companies and organizations worldwide.” Among a business listed on their website are anti-virus heavyweight Kaspersky Labs and several vast universities.

“From Sunday Jun 19th 2016 we are no longer authorised to accept payments around PayPal,” states a association Blog. “PayPal has demanded that we guard information trade as good as all a customers’ files for bootleg content. They have also asked us to yield them with minute statistics about a files forms of a business sync and share on”

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