SearchTrade, Where Every Search Earns Bitcoins for You Search engine has become the post important part of our internet browsing experience these days. We use it hundreds of times every day to query anything from the simplest of terms to most complicated theories and calculations used in rocket science.

How do you feel if you get paid in bitcoin every time you use the search engine? Now I got your attention, didn’t I? I am not joking and it is possible. There is a new Indian startup by the name SearchTrade, which does just that! SearchTrade is a Mumbai based company that offers bitcoin rewards to internet users. Users will get bitcoin payouts in terms of satoshis when they query search results using search engines integrated with SearchTrade’s platform.

Users can monetize SearchTrade’s platform in three different ways. One can earn bitcoin as a Search Miner. Search Miners are those who use the search engines integrated with SearchTrade’s platform to query search results. One can choose to be a Keyword Miner, where a user can buy certain keywords from SearchTrade and whenever someone searches for that keyword the Keyword Miner will receive rewards into his/her connected bitcoin wallet. Then there are App Miners who integrate the applications developed by them with SearchTrade. Whenever someone searches for anything inside their app, App Miners will receive rewards.

SearchTrade uses a win-win strategy. It earns by selling keywords to users and by monetizing the platform to generate ad revenues, a portion of these earnings are paid out to users.

In simple search SearchTrade rewards are somewhat similar to Bing Rewards where it users satoshis instead of Bing Points as rewards.



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