Second Assailant Drains Ethereum Funds From The DAO

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By the look of things, the worries for The DAO are far from over. Their Ethereum account is being drained for the second time in as many days, using the same type of exploit. Although a much smaller amount has been stolen, this time, this is a very worrying trend for what many people believed to be the future of decentralized organizations.

News broke yesterday about The DAO being under attack from an exploit in their smart contract code. An assailant was able to drain over 3 million ETH from their account through a recursive bug. But it looks like that was not the only attack against this project, as a second incident was reported about an hour ago.

The DAO Attack #2

So far, the second attack is far less successful compared to yesterday’s attempt. Every recursive split execution drained roughly 0.85 ETH, and a total of 22 Ether has been stolen in total. It appears this is just someone who wanted to test the exploit and see if they could use it to their advantage.

This goes to show the technology used by The DAO is far from secure. Moreover, the developers still did not address the same vulnerability reported nearly a

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