Seized Silk Road bitcoin used to fund Shadow Brokers exploit auction

Bitcoin appears to be moving from a seized wallet to the Shadow Brokers auction, raising suspicions that the US government is potentially bidding to prevent stolen NSA exploits and tools from ending up in the wrong hands — again.

Last week, a group calling themselves the “Shadow Brokers” offered up what they claimed to be a treasure trove of exploits, software and tools used by the US National Security Agency (NSA)’s Equation Group to the highest bidder.

The Equation Group, considered one of the most sophisticated and dangerous teams in existence, uses a variety of sophisticated tools and zero-day vulnerabilities to spy on targets and compromise PCs without being detected.

The Shadow Brokers sent out an open invitation to interested bidders, providing a small “sample” of the resources on offer.

The auction was viewed with doubt as no-one had heard of the cyberattack group and without access to the full cache, there was little proof that the claims were nothing more than a hoax.

However, newly released documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden appear to show the leak is legitimate.

In addition, Cisco and Fortinet have both confirmed their products are affected

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