Self-Amending Blockchain Tez0s Gears up for Q1 2017 ICO

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self-amending-blockchain-tezos-gears-up-for-q1-2017-icoChange in cryptocurrency is usually a hassle, with an overwhelming majority of users required to upgrade and install a new version of the software to reach a consensus. Tez0s presents a more elegant solution, with their code allowing for Tez0sā€™ users to vote for changes in the protocol democratically, as well as changes to the actual voting procedure itself.

Tez0s is a ā€œgeneric and self-amending crypto-ledgerā€ that can be integrated into any cryptocurrency simply by implementing the proper interface to the network layer.

With debates about block size and talks about hard forks dividing Bitcoin users into large camps, along with the Ethereum hard fork literally splitting the community into two, opposing factions, Tez0s foresaw the importance of a consensus forming technology back in 2014, as well as starting active development of a solution around the same

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