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Bitcoin has been around for almost eight years now. In spite of it being hailed as one of the simplest ways to make fund transfer between two individuals, many people still find it complicated.


screenshot_2016-09-19-20-25-27-331Bitcoin transactions don’t need any third-party intermediary like banks or payment processors and it can be sent virtually anywhere on planet earth as long as both parties have a working internet connection. The whole concept is completely different from centuries old monetary system we have been practicing, which makes it hard for some people to comprehend.  In order to make Bitcoin adoption easier, — The BITMAIN company has introduced a new wallet that makes executing Bitcoin transactions as easy as sending an SMS.


screenshot_2016-09-19-21-11-25-312The wallet is a created by BlockTrail, a Netherlands-based company that was recently acquired by BITMAIN. The wallet application is available for both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. Unlike conventional Bitcoin wallets, wallet doesn’t require users to enter the recipient’s

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