Sergio Lerner Talks About RootStock at the LaBitConf 2016

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Sergio Lerner, the well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency security expert who is also part of Rootstock, was present at LaBitConf Mexico yesterday. While at the event, he released the white paper titled RootStock Platform – Bitcoin Powered Smart Contracts. In an interview with a NewsBTC representative, he explains about RootStock, its comparison with Ethereum and Bitcoin, and also its security features.

While explaining about the platform, Sergio made it clear that RootStock is not a fork of Ethereum, as many tend to believe. The development of RootStock had begun almost a year before Ethereum, and it is just a coincidence that both RootStock and Ethereum are working on creating blockchain-based smart contracts.

The developers at RootStock have created a cross-compatible platform by including Ethereum opcode. To make it more user friendly, the platform uses the Web3 interface, similar to that of Ethereum.

RootStock offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to applications. The platform is capable of running applications developed for Ethereum, as well; this cross-compatibility between RootStock and Ethereum is a step towards creating a universal standard for smart contracts. It also allows developers to pick either of the platforms to develop their applications and not worry about

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