Several Major Bitcoin Startups In Favor Of BIP 101

The Bitcoin community is still a few light years away from seeing a consensus being reached on whether or not BIP 101 and the 8MB block size will become the new norm for Bitcoin in the future.  Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin XT developers are still debating who is right and who isn’t, but that’s not keeping various major Bitcoin companies from expressing their opinion either.

Implementing BIP 101 Regardless Of The Decision

Regardless of which camp you are in, a decision will have to be made by January 2016.  If not, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin XT will form two separate blockchain, effectively forking Bitcoin and causing irreparable damage to the virtual currency ecosystem.  No one is looking forward to seeing those events unfold, so major Bitcoin companies are trying to force the issue.

Some of world’s leading Bitcoin startups – including BitPay, Xapo, and KnCMiner – have reached a consensus to implement the BIP 101 change proposed by Gavin Andresen.  As a result, all of these companies are in favor of 8MB Bitcoin blocks, which will solve the future scalability issue associated with Bitcoin.

The decision between these companies

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