Several UFC and Bellator MMA Fighters To Soon Sport Bitcoin Logo On Their Gear

Bitcoin and sports are a potent mix if applied correctly.  In the past, there have been a few digital currency nuances related to sports, with the Bitcoin Bowl being the most noteworthy one.  However, that turned out not to be a great success.  Installing a Bitcoin ATM at a Mixed Martial Arts gym, on the other hand,  might change things a bit.

One Kick Nick’s Mixed Martial Arts GymBitcoin ATM One Kick Nick's

The place to be in Las Vegas is One Kick Nick’s MMA Gym, home of a Bitcoin ATM manufactured by General Bytes and operated by Bitcoin Direct, LLC.  This one-way Bitcoin ATM will allow MMA students to purchase Bitcoin at their training gym, thus giving the disruptive digital currency more exposure.

It may come as a surprise to our readers to find out that this General Bytes Bitcoin ATM was installed as a result of growing demand by tech-savvy MMA students of One Kick Nick’s.  It will be interesting to see how much transaction volume this machine can generate on a monthly basis.

But this Bitcoin ATM will serve a much larger purpose than just being able to purchase BTC at the gym itself. Nick Blomgren, owner of One Kick Nick’s MMA Gym, sees Bitcoin as an invaluable tool to promote the fighters he sponsors.  Among those fights are a few names who have made TV appearances for organizations such as Bellator MMA, Ultimate Fighting Championship and World Series of Fighting.

“The fighters wanted to know if they could get paid with bitcoin,” he said. “(Bitcoin) is on the minds of the 25-to-35-year olds. Our gym’s fighters now wear Bitcoin logos on their shorts when they compete in front of the Pay Per View, Access TV and Spike TV cameras.” – Nick Blomgren told DigitalMoneyTimes.

Another way to make Bitcoin more appealing to students at the gym is by allowing them to use the digital currency as a payment method for membership fees and merchandise.  This is another great way to push Bitcoin adoption to new heights when there are no TV appearances scheduled for the time being.

More General Bytes Bitcoin ATM’s Heading to Las VegasNick Blomgren

Bitcoin Direct LLC. owner Peter Klamka has high expectations to deploy an additional six Bitcoin ATM’s in the Las Vegas area.  In fact, those additional machines should be ready for use by the end of July 2015, which might be a slightly too ambitious a goal.  However, never say never in the world of Bitcoin.

And there is a bright future for Bitcoin ATM’s, in the United States at last, according to Mr. Klamka.  Many retailers can reap the benefits from these machines, as they attract quite a bit of attention from people passing by.  And these retailers are given the option to buy a machine outright, or let Bitcoin LLC. operate the machine in exchange for a small commission.  The latter option seems to be more favourable for the time being.

Source: Press Release via Email

Images courtesy of One Kick Nick’s MMA Gym and Shutterstock