Sfards Competition For 1 BTC: “Speaking IMHO”- The Best Bitcoin Miner Is…1000 Free Dogecoin For All Entrants

Sfards competition

Bitcoin Press Release: ASIC mining association Sfards are gratified to announce a foe where anyone can win 1 Bitcoin by creation a elementary post on bitcointalk and Facebook. All entrants will also accept giveaway 1000 Dogecoin.

SF3301, a latest 28nm ASIC mining chip: low energy consumption, dual-mining ability, that gives destiny miners some-more sparkling feature, brings gigantic probability to a industry.

Aside from normal steel box-style miner products, Sfards are looking for opposite designs of miner products. Sfards energetically hopes a Bitcoin village joins them and shows Sfards their imagination!

Example entres to win 1 Bitcoin:

“ we am a practial investor, my ideal miner has low energy consumption, large mining ability……”, good!
“I am ardent in my life, a miner we am looking for is a sorcery appurtenance that can be used to keep pets, grow flowers, feed my cat and dog…a all-in-one home apparatus machine……”, cool!
“I am not a rule-follower, we cite a miner flush……”, awesome!
“ we wanna a miner drone, even a miner rocket……”, excellent!

Contest 1: Contestants Post Their Idea In The

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