SFARDS (formerly Gridseed) Announced World’s First 28nm Bitcoin and Litecoin Dual-Algorithm ASIC Tapeout


Bitcoin Press Release: The SF3301 will be a subsequent era of dual-algorithm mining chips; a world’s initial 28nm with a capability to cave SHA-256 and Scrypt simultaneously. The advantages of this ability interpret to an extended duration of efficacy for a miner and increasing profitability.

Beijing, China – Tape out of a company’s 28nm SF3301 ASIC is now underway. By regulating FDSOI record not now benefaction in any other chip on a market, energy potency when mining with SHA-256 is expected to strech next a 0.3 J/GH range, and 2.0 J/MH when mining with Scrypt.

The SF3301 is intensely versatile, permitting users to cave mixed currencies with one device. This means cost fluctuations can be harnessed and miners being forced to spin off their miner is distant reduction likely. A new conditions can arise where altcoins are employed to cover electricity costs while Bitcoin is invariably and concurrently being mined.

This ability is something never seen before with 28nm technology; with a 28nm SF3301 rare twin Scrypt and SHA-256 ASIC Bitcoin and Litecoin

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