SFMTA Forced To Pay 100 Bitcoin As A Result of Massive Ransomware Attack

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Bitcoin ransomware has once again made media headlines, which is never a positive development. The SFMTA was under attack from a malware attack, giving MUNI riders free access to public transportation. All payment terminals on the premises displayed and error message, causing them not to collect payments. Moreover, the displays all showed a warning message indicating computer data had been encrypted.

SFMTA Gets Bested By Bitcoin Ransomware

Whenever public transportation services are affected by ransomware, many different things start to go wrong in quick succession. First of all, the terminals used to collect station payments go out of order, giving everyone free access to public transportation until the matter is resolved. Secondly, the organization has to meet the ransomware demands, which only adds another financial burden upon them.

For the SFMTA employees, the attack began just before Thanksgiving last week. With station screens all across San Francisco showing a message of “hacked system”, a lot of people expressed their concern over what was going on. Then again, they were all able to access services without payment, so most people shrugged off the incident and went ahead with their day-to-day operations.

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