Shadow Brokers Scraps Auction, Opts for 10,000 BTC Crowdfund to Release NSA Files

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It was expected to turn out this way. The hacker group, Shadow Brokers that was responsible for obtaining a cache of cyber-attack tools allegedly used by US National Security Agency’s Equation Group has decided to get rid of the auction process. The decision was made by the hacking group a few days ago after it failed to gain enough attention.

According to Shadow Brokers’ recent post on Medium two days ago, the hacker group is now willing to give away the password to access all the Equation Group files for 10,000 BTCs. This time, they are not auctioning but opting for a crowdfund. While the Bitcoin wallet address remains unchanged, the amount of Bitcoin they are demanding definitely has.

So far, Shadow Brokers have managed to raise a bit over 2 BTCs. Provided the community decides to make up for the 9,998 BTC difference, the password will be made available to the public. The decision follows its post on Pastebin where it offered three possible options –  dumping the files for free, conducting an auction and offer the password to the highest bidder, or a consolation prize which is the crowdfunding option.

Shadow Brokers claim that they have already

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