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ShapeShift ceases New York service in BitLicense protest

ShapeShift ceases New York service in BitLicense protestCryptocurrency exchange announced in an email sent to CoinReport that it has integrated Zcash (ZEC); the decentralized, consumer privacy-focused digital asset; onto its platform.

An exchange press release on PRWeb says that customers from all over the globe can now trade Zcash instantly along with bitcoin, ether, dash and many more cryptocurrencies. Being an innovative exchange, says the release, ShapeShift is recognized for keeping customers free from the risk of harm, circumventing the necessity to reveal sensitive private information.

Users of Zcash benefit from consumer privacy and, for the first time, selective disclosure of transactions. Offering complete payment privacy, the groundbreaking cryptography of Zcash has the capability to conceal the value of all transactions and the sender and the recipient on the blockchain.

The Zcash protocol makes blockchains useful for a variety of apps, for which the clear-text, fully transparent blockchains cannot be used; including retail, healthcare and fintech.

ShapeShift ceases New York service in BitLicense protest
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