ShapeShift-Inspired Spells of Genesis Game Card Announced – Virtual

Pioneering blockchain-based game asset now available

Switzerland (PRWEB) August 11, 2015

Upcoming trading card/arcade game, Spells of Genesis (SoG), has released a limited quantity of a unique game card inspired by the instant cryptocurrency exchange, The scarce digital asset, named “ShapeShift- The Wanderer,” will have a limited quantity of 100 cards available for purchase via the exchange, starting August 12-September 9th, with 25 new cards being released for sale every week for the four week period.

The cards will be sold at and can be purchased with bitcoin or 40+ other leading cryptocurrencies. The card exists on the Counterparty platform, which utilizes the Bitcoin blockchain to track creation and transfer of digital assets.

SoG will release only 1,000 of “The Wanderer” card, the scarcity of which is maintained by the blockchain, an immutable ledger gaining attention throughout the tech and finance world as a groundbreaking new technology.

Specifically, “The Wanderer” card allows players to convert their opponents used “power” points into “life/health” points. The player with the most life/health points at the end of the round wins, thus playing the card can greatly affect the outcome of a game. Regardless of how many players sign up for Spells of Genesis, no more than 1,000 of these cards will ever exist, giving them monetary value. The cards can be traded just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies between any two people on Earth.

“Digital goods in games have always had fake scarcity,” explains ShapeShift’s CEO Erik Voorhees, “the company can always create more, and nobody really knows how many exist, making it impractical to value or price. These blockchain-based digital assets, however, are truly mathematically scarce, and will become commoditized and traded like other financial

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