’s Skeleton Exchange Tool Turns Any Website Into a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bringing the concept of virtual currency and digital assets to everyday consumers is not as easy as it sounds.  On paper, all it would take is a targeted marketing campaign and maybe one or two boxes or flyers.  But with Bitcoin and digital assets, the story is quite different, as consumers and merchants like to see the technology in action. released their Skeleton Exchange Tool, which aims to display the power of virtual currencies and digital assets.

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Integrating virtual currency payments into a website or online platform has become incredibly user-friendly in recent years.  All it takes is pasting a snippet of code onto the designated web page, and customers can start paying in Bitcoin or other digital currencies right away.  But some platforms want to extend their functionality beyond that part of the ecosystem.

Imagine a world where any type of website is able to process the exchange of virtual currencies and digital assets, without the user having to leave the page, where consumers are able to instantaneously buy and sell currencies and assets alike, without the need to register for an account or complete any form of verification procedure.

Developing such a powerful technological solution is a daunting task, but luckily, there is   This company has made a name for itself as a virtual currency and digital asset trading platform while never holding customer funds.  All of the trades taking place through are peer-to-peer, with no third parties or intermediaries involved in the process.

Skeleton Exchange Tool wants to bring this same functionality to websites and platforms all over the world.  This free and open-source solution created by can be found in this GitHub repository, including installation instructions.  The Skeleton Exchange Tool template is pretty powerful and fully customizable, leaving users free to change the design and style it to match their own branding.

The release of’s Skeleton Exchange Tool could bring stiff competition to the world of cryptocurrency exchange platforms.  Nearly all of these platforms require the user to create an account and optionally go through a verification procedure. and its Skeleton Exchange Tool require none of these steps to be taken, creating a true peer-to-peer exchange environment.DigitalMoneyTimes_Virtual Currency Ecosystem

The Virtual Currency Ecosystem is Growing Exponentially

Tools such as Skeleton Exchange Tool will help foster the world of virtual currency as a viable alternative to the traditional ecosystem.  While this tool does not offer a way to buy virtual currency through traditional means, such as credit cards or bank transfers, it is definitely a step in the right direction for giving users quick access to various types of virtual currency.

It is important to note that integrating this script on a website will not earn the site owner any money, at last not in its current state.   All the Skeleton Exchange Tool does is allow users to buy and sell virtual currency and digital assets through the ShapeShift API, with all of the trade fees flowing back to them.  However, this does create a proper use case to keep visitors on a specific website, rather than forcing them to visit an exchange and potentially not returning to your website.

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