ShapeShift Launches Cryptocurrency Trading App – Instant Crypto Converter, for iOS.

Eric Voorhees and his 7 member team at have sure been busy. A recent round of investment that raised 525,000 from Roger Vers and Barry Silbert in March. Come June and voila, this new iOS Cryptocurrency app. A closer look at the app and it becomes evidently visible that the app carries the same DNA of the web platform, not just in the interface and simplicity, but also in the strategy and philosophy towards cryptocurrency.

No Accounts, No Sign-in

The last time anyone tried converting their cryptocurrencies in a traditional exchange — the user for sure knows the time and waiting that goes into the approval and clearance process. Not with ShapeShift. Shapeshift claims to be the fastest and the easiest way to convert altcoins. The skeuomorphic analogy that Shapeshift’s users on Reddit have been associating with is that of a vending machine. A vending machine doesn’t ask the user for a name, address, ID Proof and doesn’t want to know the customer. An anonymous decentralized network should work just the same. This is what Shapeshift practices.

Shapeshift Supported Coins

Shapeshift, at the time of writing supports the following coins:

– Bitcoin
– Litecoin

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